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On April 4th and 5th, Steve Bernat, Director of Security, was in the Forest Hills store to conduct a loss prevention review with General Manager Steve Vousden. When auditing the petty cash fund Steve Vousden announced that the funds 'would be short'. He advised that the money was stolen from the fund back in December but he never reported it. In addition, Steve admitted not following the Company guidelines of conducting weekly counts of the funds even after he knew money had been stolen. Steve Bernat asked Steve Vousden if the change fund was also hit and he replied 'yes'. The losses amount to $401.04 short in petty cash and $518.50 short in the change fund for a total of $919.541 At the time ofInventory (2/28/2006), Steve submitted counts that he knew were false in an attempt to make it appear there was no money missing. Steve Bernat also discovered the change fund box to be unlocked and the office door unsecured. Apparently a key had broken off in the change fund box and Steve never had it repaired or replaced and the door/door frame to the office was in need of repair but Steve never followed up on taking care of this either. While conducting his audit Steve Bernat also discovered that Sam Ash Music's credit card and check acceptance procedures were not being followed properly and the Weekly Store Deposit Log was not in use and completed properly (see Mr. Bernat's Loss Prevention Checklist dated 4/4/06 for details) All of the above was reported to Richard Ash, David Ash, Stu Leibowitz and Howie Mendelson who met to discuss this disturbing chain of events. It was agreed that although no one believes Steve to have taken the money personally his falsification of the fund counts and his lack of regard for the security of the funds is totally unacceptable. Steve was spoken to by David Ash and told that he would retain his position but that his job was saved by the 'skin of his teeth' and he would be receiving a final write-up. This-write-Up-Is to serve as final notice to Steve regarding his performance in these areas. The company expects Steve to always protect it's assets and to make sure his people properly execute the policies and procedures of the company. Any loss of funds in the future or disregard for company policies and procedures will be considered grounds for dismissal.